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The Bombay Chamber Orchestra

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Music and Management Event – 29 October 2014

The strings section of the Bombay Chamber Orchestra were invited by the M/s  Music and management to perform at their Leadership and Management programme at the Four Seasons Hotel, Worli.

There were 40 participants. The BCO was conducted by the  Director – Dominic Alldis. This was an interactive session. The participants were seated within the orchestra and not as an audience.

Mr. Alldis introduced the orchestra to the participants. He introduced the founder – Ms Jini Dinshaw who has actively nurtured the orchestra  for past 52 years. The concert master – Freddy Dinshaw was also introduced. The various instruments were introduced to the participants before actually starting the session. The role of the conductor was explained and role of each section of the orchestra was explained.

With these introductions, the BCO played a part of the first movement of the Serenade for strings by Tchaikovsky.  The participants were then asked to give their comments – related to the communication between the conductor and musicians, and also amongst the musicians.  To emphasis the conductor’s control of the orchestra, a part of the second movement – the Waltz was played 3 times with the conductor conducting in 3 different ways. The response of the players was then observed by the participants and asked to comment.

The session ended with a part of the last movement been played.

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