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The Bombay Chamber Orchestra


The Bombay Chamber Orchestra Society was founded in 1962 as an educational trust and is registered as a charitable society. The orchestra performs about 3-4 concerts a year, mainly in months of February, July, September and November. In addition to the concerts it also provides free coaching to the young musical talent of the city in the techniques of orchestral playing and its aim is, not only to offer free music education, but also to create an environment and incentive to encourage young talent to continue to work at the instruments of their choice. .

It organizes workshops by visiting international musicians so that the students are taught the correct basic techniques of playing their instruments. Instruments are also loaned to students as these are often too expensive for students or their parents to invest in.
Due to a lack of trained wind instrumentalists, the orchestra invites guest musicians from abroad who also train the younger members.
In order to carry out all the activities, the Bombay Chamber Orchestra requires your SUPPORT. You can help the orchestra by:
  • Giving a donations (All donations are eligible for benefits under section 80G of Indian Income Tax Act)
  • advetise in the Concert Brochure
  • Sponsoring
    • Visiting musicians for a concert / a season
    • Teachers
    • Donating orchestral instruments like Horns, Bassoons, Double bass
You may click on the above links or write to:
Ms J. Dinshaw Jt. Hon Secretary The B C O Society Ventakesh Chambers Prescot Road, Fort Mumbai 400 00
TeleFax: 91-22-22073274


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